DISPLAY: Site pages do not display properly in older browsers, including Internet Explorer 6.

Internet Explorer 6 is not supported by Dreamwidth because it is incompatible with the standards of other, newer browsers. We also do not support older versions of other browsers, such as Firefox 2.0.

If you can, you should upgrade to the newest version of your browser, or use another browser. If that's not an option for you, there are a few workarounds you can use to make Dreamwidth work better with IE6 and other older browsers.

  • The Lynx site skin is a simple skin without extra formatting. The Update Journal page as well as pages like the support area should work well in IE 6 when using this scheme. If you would like to see how a specific page looks in this style, add ?usescheme=lynx to the end of the page URL (or &usescheme=lynx if there's already another argument). If you'd like to switch to this site skin permanently, you can do that via the Display tab in your Manage settings area.
  • If you are also having problems viewing the styled comment pages on journals, you can view the page in light mode by clicking 'view in light style' in the navigation bar or by adding ?format=light to the end of the page URL.
  • You can also access Dreamwidth through the mobile interface. This interface is designed to work with phones and other such devices, but it will also work in regular browsers.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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