How do I comment using OpenID?

If you already have an OpenID account, you can log in with that account. When you're logged in, your comments will be posted with your OpenID name by default. If you're not logged in, you can enter your OpenID directly comment form by selecting the OpenID option and entering your OpenID URL into the form. You may need to use the More Options button to move to the full reply page which includes this part of the form.

You don't need to have an OpenID account set up on Dreamwidth for this to work. If you don't, though, your comments will be treated as anonymous and you can only comment if anonymous comments are allowed. If you've set up an OpenID account and confirmed an email address for it, your OpenID comments will be treated as comments from a known person. Where you're not allowed to comment with unregistered OpenID identities, the OpenID part of the form will be de-activated. In this case, logging in with your OpenID will let you comment.

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