If you're coming from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth: Importing

To import your journal from LiveJournal, go to the Import Journal page. You can also reach the Importer from the "Organize" menu on any of the site-schemed pages, where it can be found under "Import Content". To import your content from your LiveJournal, you'll need to enter the sitename (LiveJournal) and your username and password for your LiveJournal account and then push the "continue" button to begin.

On the next page, you'll have the option of which elements of your journal to import, choosing from:

  • Profile Data
  • Journal Entries
  • Journal Comments
  • Tags
  • Icons
  • Custom Groups

Select which of these you want to import and then push the "continue" button. The next page will summarize the choices you've made so you can review them. If you import icons, and you have more icons on your LiveJournal than you have available slots on your Dreamwidth Journal, it's possible only your default icon will automatically import. When you're satisfied with your selections, you can start the import by pushing the "Start Import" button.

Importing your journal won't happen instantly. Your import request will be entered into a queue, and your journal will be imported when you reach the front of the queue. Depending on how many other people are importing at the same time, this can take anywhere from minutes to days. When the import is finished, we'll send a notification to your Dreamwidth Inbox.

We recognize that not everyone will be comfortable giving their password for their LiveJournal or their accounts on other sites to us. We don't store your password after your import has completed, and we won't use it for anything other than the import. However, if you aren't comfortable sharing your password, you might want to change your password on the other site before you import and then change it back after the import has finished.

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