If you're coming from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth: OpenID and identity accounts

If you aren't ready to create an account just yet, you can use your LiveJournal account on Dreamwidth by logging in to LiveJournal and then logging into Dreamwidth with your OpenID identity. OpenID is a system that lets you log into one site using your account on another site, without requiring a password. To log in with OpenID, enter the address of your LiveJournal into the OpenID login page.

When you log into Dreamwidth using your OpenID identity, LiveJournal will ask you if it can "pass your credentials" to Dreamwidth. Saying yes will not give Dreamwidth any access to your LiveJournal account. It will only let LiveJournal confirm to Dreamwidth that you do control the address you entered. This is why you need to be logged into LiveJournal to log into Dreamwidth with your OpenID identity: LiveJournal handles the authentication, and then tells Dreamwidth whether it succeeded or failed.

The first time you log into Dreamwidth using your identity from another site, you'll need to set and confirm your email address for use on the Dreamwidth site in order to be able to comment everywhere that allows OpenID comments and in order to receive emailed notifications of replies to your comments.

You can use your OpenID identity in many of the same ways you would use a regular account. The main difference between an identity account and a Dreamwidth account is that you can't post entries with an identity account. However, identity accounts can post comments in other journals, upload icons, subscribe to other journals, use a reading page, and be added to other people's access lists to read locked entries.

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