How do I keep my journal from being indexed by search engines?

To tell search engines not to index (make available on the Web) your journal, go to the Privacy Tab of the My Account Settings page and select the checkbox labeled "Attempt to block outside search engines from indexing my journal".

Choosing this option creates something called a "robots.txt" file for your journal. The "robots.txt" file is where search engines automatically go for instructions, and it contains the information that your journal is a place that they shouldn't index or let people search through. This change will take effect immediately after you select the option and save your changes.

While checking the "Minimize my journal's inclusion in search engine results" will limit the ability of search engines to index your Public Access journal content, public posts are not secure, and it isn't possible to completely keep search engines from reading and displaying them to others. If this might be a concern for you, consider adjusting your journal's security settings to restrict your posts to an Access List.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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