The feed I'm following isn't updating. Why?

The code Dreamwidth Studios uses for feeds works best with simple, valid RSS or Atom feeds. Complex feeds or feeds that don't validate may not be usable on Dreamwidth.

Some reasons why feeds may not update are:

  • Entries too old:
    Feeds on Dreamwidth only show entries from the last 14 days. If all of the entries in the feed are older than this, the Dreamwidth feed will appear to be empty.

  • Source file size:
    We only support feed files under 3MB in size. If the feed is larger than this, it won't update.

  • Invalid feed:
    Feed files must be in the correct format to be usable on Dreamwidth. You can check if a feed is valid with a feed validator.

  • Complicated source files:
    We attempt to support most common RSS and Atom feeds. However, some authors include extra functionality that we don't support. For example podcasts, photocasts, or videocasts may not work on Dreamwidth.

  • Feed URL is incorrect:
    If the feed URL has changed, and no redirect has been set up by the feed owners, the feed on Dreamwidth will stop updating. If this happens, please open a support request in the Feeds category. Please include:
    --Name of the feed account (
    --New feed URL

    The feed source will be updated by Support volunteers, and should be working within 24 hours of someone seeing it.

    If you are aware of a Dreamwidth feed account which is using the new feed source already, please include this as well so that it can be merged with the existing account.
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