How do I change the appearance of my journal?

You can select a style for your journal at the Select Journal Style page. You can reach this from the Select Style link in the Organize menu on Dreamwidth site-skinned pages.

The Select Journal Style page shows a grid containing thumbnail previews of the available styles. The magnifying glass Preview link expands each thumbnail to a full-sized preview of what your journal will look like with that style. Use the Apply Theme button to select the style you want for your journal.

Once you have selected a style, you can make further customizations at the Customize Journal Style page.

If you are customizing a community you maintain, you'll need to use the "Switch to" menu to switch to that community, before making any changes.

Once you've chosen and customized a theme, your settings for that theme will be saved. You won't lose your customizations if you switch themes or styles and then return to the one you'd previously customized.

Some pages, such as your profile page, will show in the site skin, rather than your personal journal style. That FAQ also has information on how to change your site skin.

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