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  • [community profile] thedailywriter - The Daily Writer
       Community Description: Community dedicated to encouraging writers to write something every day.
       (Updated 12 hours ago )
  • [community profile] nexus_crossings - The Nexus: A Curious Crossroads
       Community Description: Panfandom RP
       (Updated 14 hours ago )
  • [personal profile] ariane - Ariane
       Journal Title: Ariane's Journal
       (Updated 15 hours ago )
  • [personal profile] threedices - threedices
       Journal Title: Over and over and over again
       (Updated 16 hours ago )
  • [community profile] therealljidol - LJ Idol Presents: Literary Prize Fight
       Journal Title: LJ Idol Presents:
       (Updated 17 hours ago )
  • [community profile] questionoftheday - question of the day
       Community Description: a cure for writer's block
       (Updated 19 hours ago )
  • [personal profile] yalumesse - yalumesse
       Journal Title: Shiny Things
       (Updated 1 day ago )
  • [personal profile] whataworld - whataworld
       Journal Title: In the interest of what's going on with me
       (Updated 1 day ago )
  • [personal profile] chronikle - Kat
       Journal Title: 「golden cup」
       (Updated 2 days ago )
  • [community profile] dailyprompt - Daily Writing Prompt
       Community Description: Daily writing prompts
       (Updated 3 days ago )
  • [community profile] picture_prompt_fun - Picture Prompt Fun
       Community Description: Write a story for a given picture prompt
       (Updated 3 days ago )
  • [personal profile] anke - anke
       (Updated 4 days ago )
  • [personal profile] empress_donna - empress_donna
       Journal Title: Empress Donna's Hall of Notes (aka Donna's Insane corner of life n.n)
       (Updated 5 days ago )
  • [community profile] foodfantasykink - Food Fantasy Kink Meme
       Community Description: A kink meme for the mobile game, Food Fantasy.
       (Updated 5 days ago )
  • [community profile] hourlyprompts - Hourly Prompts
       Community Description: Writing and art prompts for every hour of the day
       (Updated 6 days ago )
  • [community profile] poetry_fiction - Your stop for the annual poetry fic challenge!
       Community Description: an annual fiction challenge with focus on a different poet every year as inspiration
       (Updated 1 week ago )
  • [community profile] allbingo - All Bingo
       Community Description: Share your creative bingo activities and discussions here.
       (Updated 1 week ago )
  • [community profile] musemuggers3 - Musemuggers
       Community Description: Writing original fiction to a biweekly prompt (active in 2017: comment to join)
       (Updated 2 weeks ago )
  • [personal profile] tickletheory - tickletheory
       Journal Title: Tickle Stories
       (Updated 2 weeks ago )
  • [personal profile] birdjay - jaybird
       Journal Title: til the end of the line
       (Updated 3 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] slowburnanonymous - Inspiration for Slow Burn Fic Authors
       Community Description: A writing advice community for slow burn fic writers.
       (Updated 3 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] frostiron_prompts - Frostiron Prompts Archive
       Community Description: A prompt archive for the Loki/Tony Stark (Frostiron) ship from the MCU
       (Updated 3 weeks ago )
  • [personal profile] broadbeam - ~ lunary magic ~
       Journal Title: Lunary Magic
       (Updated 4 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] sherlockkinkmeme - SherlockKinkmeme
       Community Description: Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, Russian Holmes
       (Updated 4 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] daily_fic_prompts - Your daily dose of inspiration
       Community Description: Daily prompts for all your writing needs.
       (Updated 4 weeks ago )
  • [personal profile] pennieblack - pennieblack
       Journal Title: cypress and myrtle
       (Updated 4 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] letsgetshitdone - Unconditional support for your creative endeavors
       Community Description: Creative support
       (Updated 5 weeks ago )
  • [personal profile] komadori - Robin
       Journal Title: Night Island
       (Updated 6 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] hhr - Harry and Hermione
       Community Description: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Fanfiction Challenge Community
       (Updated 6 weeks ago )
  • [personal profile] candyfox - CandyFox
       Journal Title: Bittersweet Dreams
       (Updated 6 weeks ago )