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Time posted:Thu, 15 Jun 2017 01:06:07 GMT (1 week ago)
Summary:User icon images all have the same file name, on a per-user basis
Original Request:
Hi all, I'm not sure if this is a bug but I want to check in on it, just in case.

I noticed maybe less than two weeks ago that all of my user icon images save to my computer with the same file name, so if you go to my Icons page( and right-click any icon image seen there to either View or Save As, the same file name is shown for every icon. For example, the file name for all of my user icon images is 44057.

Because I wasn't sure if this just happens on my journal or also happens on others, I just checked another user's, in this case conuly's (, and the file name for all of her user icon images is 19038 (and if she runs across this I hope she forgives me for borrowing her DW for this experiment, but she was the first DW I ran across on my Reading Page, just now).

So my question is, is this normal, for all the icon images to have the same file name for each user? I can't recall ever noticing such a thing before, not on DW nor on LJ. While the browser doesn't seem to mix up images despite them all having the same file names, the images can't be individually downloaded and saved to one's computer without renaming each one before saving so the last one downloaded and saved doesn't get overwritten.
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