If you're coming from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth: Tags and Markup

On LiveJournal and other sites based on LiveJournal code, you'll be used to using special tags for things like users and cuts. On Dreamwidth, you can still use these old versions if you want, but we've also introduced new versions.

  • Instead of <lj user=username> you can use <user name=username> — for instance <user name=username> gives [personal profile] username.
  • You can also specify a user on many other services by including the site in the tag as follows: <user name=brad site=livejournal.com> gives [livejournal.com profile] brad.
  • We've replaced <lj-cut> with <cut> and <lj-cut text="foo"> with <cut text="foo">
  • If you want to temporarily disable auto-formatting for part of an entry you can use <raw-code> instead of <lj-raw>.
  • If you are writing poll code manually, you can replace <lj-poll> with <poll>, <lj-pi> with <poll-item>, and <lj-pq> with <poll-question>.

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