How do I use the inbox?

You can get to your Inbox by following the link under the "Read" menu on the main site pages, or by the link from the Navigation Strip, if you have it displayed on your journal page. The Inbox contains all the Dreamwidth Notifications you receive.

By selecting the check-boxes next to each message and then pushing the appropriate button at the bottom of the page, you can delete notifications from the Inbox or mark them as either read or unread. You can also flag them for later reading by selecting the flag icon next to each one. Doing any of this will not have any effect on anything outside the Inbox.

You can filter what you see in the Inbox, so that you will only be shown one type of notification: for example, only private messages, or only items that you have flagged. To do this choose the appropriate link in the filter menu, which is located below the "Send Message" button.

If you're viewing the "Entries and Comments" Inbox filter, each individual notification will also have a "filter to this entry" link in the body of the notification itself. Choosing this will only show you notifications related to that particular entry. This can help you to manage the notifications for individual entries more quickly.

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