How can I tell which comments belong to which thread? What is the "Comment Hierarchy" setting?

When you're viewing an entry, comments are arranged visually on the page. If "comment 2" is a reply to "comment 1", comment 2 will appear beneath comment 1 and slightly indented. If "comment 2" and "comment 3" are both replies to "comment 1", they'll be indented the same amount. As the comments in a thread become more nested in reply to each other, the comments will move further across the screen as they become more and more indented.

Because this information is presented visually, it's not useful for screenreader users. It can also be confusing on entries with many comments.

The "Comment Hierarchy" setting, on the Display tab of Account Settings, labels comments on an entry with outline-style numbers and letters. This is another way of showing which comments are related.

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