IMPORTER: My import isn't working.


Your import job failed. When this happens, you will receive a message in your Inbox, which might provide clues.


There are several common reasons why the importer might fail:

  • The external site (such as LiveJournal) is currently experiencing problems. Check to see if the external site appears to be accessible; try waiting awhile to see if the import works again later.

  • Your password is incorrect. If your password is incorrect, the password verification step will fail and the importer won't try anything else. You should try importing again, and make sure your browser doesn't auto-fill your password.

  • The encoding is wrong. You might have old entries which were written on LiveJournal prior to a change in encoding. The failure message in your Inbox should have a link to the appropriate place on LiveJournal to update the encoding before you try to import again.

If none of these seem to match your error message, open a Support request.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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