STYLES: My Reading page is displaying incorrectly: stretched, distorted, or just generally 'broken'.

Your Reading page has suddenly started displaying incorrectly. Maybe it's suddenly stretched past the edge of the browser window, meaning that you have to scroll sideways to see the whole thing. Or, maybe the boxes that entries appear in are stacked differently, distorted, or displaying in the wrong order.

This happens when someone on your reading list posts an entry with wide content, or with incorrect or broken HTML that can affect how the page is shown. Scrolling usually means that someone has posted wide images, HTML tables, or text that isn't wrapping properly. Distorted or broken page elements usually means that someone has posted an entry with incorrect HTML. The most common cause of problems is mismatched <div> tags: either a missing </div> or an extra one.

For too-wide entries, you can sometimes tell which entry is the problem by scrolling all the way to the right side of the page, and seeing which entries extend that far (and which ones might not be wrapping properly). For incorrect HTML, you can sometimes tell which entry is the problem by looking for the part of the page where the broken or distorted entries begin.

You can also log out and look at the page. If it's still broken when you log out, the problem is with a public entry on your reading page. If it's not still broken when you log out, the problem is with a locked entry.

Finally, you can "step through" your reading page entry by entry, by changing the URL to skip one entry at a time. To skip one entry, add ?skip=1 to the end of your reading page URL, like this: — keep increasing the number until the problem goes away. Once your reading page is displaying properly again, you'll know the problem is with the entry immediately before it started displaying properly again — the one that was just "pushed off" the page.

The best thing to do, if you can determine the problem entry, is to tell the person who posted the entry about the problem. Sometimes they don't know about it, because different browsers and different styles can react differently to wide content or incorrect HTML. They can then change the HTML in their entry, or use a cut to keep the content of their entry the way it is, without having it break other peoples' reading pages.

If you don't want to contact them about the problem, you can temporarily unsubscribe from that journal, which will remove the problem entry from your reading page. You can also create a reading filter that doesn't include the journal, and read that instead.

If your friends regularly post large images without a cut, you can enable image placeholders for your reading page, which will hide all images in entries until you click through to display them.

If all else fails, just wait. As more posts appear on your reading page, the post with the error will eventually drop off the front page of your reading page and your reading page will display properly again.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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