If you're coming from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth: Terminology: Subscribe/Access

On LiveJournal you had a "Friends List" and "Custom Friends Groups". Adding someone as a "friend" both made their entries show on your "friends page", and let them see entries you had protected.

On Dreamwidth, we've split "friending" someone into two separate concepts: subscribing to someone, and giving access to someone.

Subscribing: If you subscribe to someone, their entries will appear on your Reading Page, which is our equivalent of LiveJournal's Friends Page. Subscribing to someone does not let them see any of your locked entries, nor does it let you see any of theirs. The entries that appear on your Reading Page will be the same as you would see if you went to their journal. Subscription isn't automatically mutual: just because you subscribe to somebody doesn't mean they will be subscribed to you.

Giving access: When you give someone access to your journal, you give them access to read your locked (protected) entries. They can't read entries you've filtered to a more restrictive access filter. You aren't automatically able to read their locked entries in return: they must choose to give you access to their locked posts as well.

As always, only you can see your Private entries.

Together, the group of people you have subscribed to and given access to is known as your "Circle".

To see how this works, visit your Manage Circle page. Next to each journal with which you have a relationship, you will see four columns: Gives you access? Subscribes to you? Give access? and Subscribe? The first two columns will be colored red for "No" and green for "Yes", except in the case of people in your Circle who are using OpenID accounts, since OpenID accounts work differently. The last two columns have check boxes: you can check them to Give Access or Subscribe, or uncheck them to remove Access or stop Subscribing. You must select "Save Changes" on this page for your changes to take effect.

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