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Name:gomory ahasver paemon
Birthdate:Nov 26
Website:gomory's hideaway

please note that entries in my journal will often contain material that could be thought of as patently adult and not suitable for children... which is not my opinion, but hey... i write about my life and my relationships, and one of my favourite themes is homosexuality. i also post links to gay literature and slash or yaoi fanfiction. please heed the warning!

what you see on the outside: i'm pretty smallish (5'2''), have my hair dyed very red (since i was 10 years ^^) and a bit of black on the underside. my skin is pale (i don't like the sun and the sun doesn't like me...) and my eyes are grey. i'm always wearing glasses and lots of black eye make up. i love colourful underwear and socks, but almost all other clothes have to be black (with some olive drab strewn in)... in some weird mix of oversized and revealing. my brother dan, with whom i share a flat, always calls it the cute-goth-style. that's probably fitting...

what you'll find on the inside: i'm an aspiring artist, specializing in collages, japanese calligraphy and ink painting. besides that i'm a japanology major, with archaeology and history of arts as minor subjects. languages and arts are definitely my forte. trying to scrape together enough money and still have time for studying, i work as a private tutor for german and latin & as a housekeeping help and also sell self-made sweets & chocolates. i'm open minded, curious and inquisitive but then again moody, depressive and aloof. it's hard to really get to know me, because i tend to keep people at a distance. i'm bisexual and polyamorous (which often is a problem for people). coming from a jewish/catholic background, i'm now a practising wiccan of the nightkind. sometimes, when i'm alone, i start counting things to make me feel safe. perhaps i'm a bit complicated...

what i like: everything slash and yaoi, anime, art (especially surreal like max ernst, magritte and dali), gothic music and lifestyle, "the lord of the rings" (books and films) and everything tolkien, the biggles books, distant summer & the outsiders, online journals, memes, quizzes and fanlistings, fantasy books or books in general (just call me bibliophil ^^), caleidoscopes, clouds, mediaeval festivals, chocolate & tea, japanese food, classic cars, learning, daemonology, angels, supernatural, my dog and my cats >^^< oh, and i'm a wwI/wwII aircraft geek.

pet peeves: bad manners, rudeness, coughing (especially if its me...), eating noisily, snoring, unreliability, crudeness, bigotry and intolerance.

Interests (150):

1x2, 5x2, aircraft, alec/eliot, algernon blackwood, alias smith and jones, androgyny, angels, angst, anime, anita blake vampire hunter, archaeology, architecture, arts, asher/jason, avro lancaster, aya/yohji, biggles, biggles/algy, bisexuals, bishounen, blood, books, boys love, btvs slash, caleidoscopes, cats, chocolates, collages, cougar/jensen, count cain, csi slash, curry/heyes, daemonology, depression, derek/nick, die/shinya, dir en grey, distant summer, dorian gray, doujinshi, drake/jj, drawings, duncan/methos, el/sands, elf slash, elladan/elrohir, erestor/glorfindel, fake, fanart, fanfiction, foxes, gambit slash, gothic lifestyle, gundam w, h.p. lovecraft, harry potter slash, harry/draco, hellboy slash, hiei x kurama, highlander slash, history, hogan's heroes slash, holmes/watson, homosexuality, horatio/archie, hornblower slash, horror movies, howl's moving castle, hugo weaving, hurt!dean, ikushima miya, j-rock, jack/ianto, japan, jim morrison, johnny depp, kansai, kate bush, kizuna, kodaka kazuma, kyoto, lawrence of arabia slash, lawrence/ali, legolas/gimli, leverage, logan/remy, lotr, lotr rps, lotr slash, loveless, luna sea, lxg slash, magic, manga, marauder slash, metallica, methos, movies, music, mythology, nate/eliot, natsuo/youji, nemi, neverwhere, original slash fiction, p:tl slash, photography, potc slash, reading, remy lebeau, richard/de carabas, riff x cain, robin hood, robin of sherwood, rurouni kenshin, sano/kenshin, scarfs, shazna, sherif ali, sherlock holmes, shinya, sick!dean, sirius/remus, slash, slash fiction, sparrington, suicide, supernatural, surrealism, tea, the doors, the losers, the outsiders, torchwood, travelling, type o negative, vampires, viggo mortensen, weiss kreuz yaoi, wicca, wincest, witchcraft, writing, x-men slash, xander/spike, yaoi, youka nitta, youko, yu yu hakusho
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