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Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
I'm a long time lurker. As soon as I get this account set up I intend to change that, and actually, you know, interact with people :)

I read fanfic about Stargate: Atlantis, Supernatural, Merlin, and what little Fast & the Furious fic I can find. I sometimes still read X-Files, Sentinel, Highlander, Hard Core Logo, Buffy/Angel, Firefly, DC, Marvel, Smallville and NCIS, but I've mostly left those fandoms.

It'll take me a while to figure out the setup here, so if I subscribe to your journal its probably because I recognize your name from Livejournal and really like your work, or just think you're funny and/or interesting.

As soon as I can get an actual account I'll be reorganizing everything and subscribing to more people/communities.

Interests (3):

fan fiction, more stuff i'll think of later, otw
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