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My name is Mary. I'm a freshman at the University of San Diego, which means that I live where you Spring Break. I first got into fandom with the ass_carnival on I don't write all that much, but read a whole lot, and aim to comment on everything I read. I'm mostly into AS/S(first love), Draco/Harry, and everything involving one Remus John Lupin. I'm pretty indiscriminate about what I read, and will try every pairing at least once. Most of my posts are personal, and I tend to talk about my family, classes, friends, working out, majors, music, fandom, and random crap. My main fandom is Harry Potter, though I've been a Star Wars fan since age 9. I'm now getting into Queer as Folk and Drake & Josh. And Drake Bell's music in general. *swoons* My C.V. includes: student, stockgirl/cashier/I-go-where-needed at K-Mart, Lifeguard for the Y, wedding musician, babysitter, and occasional wedding caterer with Mommy. I run the 10lbchallenge as well.
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