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I live in a tiny self-made oasis of geekdom, far, far away from civilisation. Most people here haven't seen Star Wars. Marsupial gangs wander the streets. Our local sport is cow bingo. Fortunately I live with my geek girlfriend and together we keep the geek spirit alive.

I'm st_aurafina at livejournal and Twitter

Interests (149):

aeon flux, aleph, alias, altered books, apollo, art quilts, ashes to ashes, assemblage art, atcs, ats, avengers, baby cheeses, batman, batman begins, beast, being human, bezoars, birds of prey, blood ties, books, btvs, buffy, buttons, caffeine, cake, casino royale, cat empire, cats, charles/erik, chocolate, coffee, collage, comics, cyclops lives!, daredevil, dc, diane duane, digger, dr who, echidnas, emma frost, enid blyton, enterprise, epantsipation, eurovision, fanfic, fanfiction, finder, firefly, folklore, found objects, freakangels, freedom of speech, gambit, global frequency, greg house, greg rucka, gryffindor, harry potter, hellblazer, henry mccoy, heroes, house m.d., ianto jones, icon making, icons, ipod, iron man, joss whedon, k9, kath and kim, leverage, life on mars, lisa cuddy, literature, lord john grey, lost, madeleine l'engle, marvel, melbourne, middleman, miranda zero, movies, mythology, narnia, neil gaiman, nightcrawler, paste, pesto, powers, press gang, project runway, remus lupin, remus/sirius, revenge of the sith, romulans, sandman, sarah connor chronicles, sarah jane adventures, sarah jane smith, school stories, sci-fi, scott/emma, serenity, severus snape, sewing, sirius black, slytherin, spider-man, star trek, star trek tng, steampunk, stormwatch, superman returns, supernatural, temeraire, the apocalypse, the authority, the incredibles, the planet pluto, the ultimates, tonkinese, torchwood, triple j, trout, true blood, twin peaks, ugly betty, ultimate fantastic four, urban fantasy, vampires, veronica mars, vintage ephemera, vintage photos, walter skinner, warren ellis, whales, wolverine, wombats, writing, x-files, x-men, x-men movies, x2, x3, xkcd, young adult fiction, young avengers, zombies
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