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ext_8703: Wing, Eye, Heart (broa default)'s Journal

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Location:California, United States of America
selves by the
P R E S S U R E S of
family and

reintegratedintoalmostOneWholeSelf over
t e n l o n g y e a r s o f p a i n

now hoping to SHED
the chrysalis
physical and emotional

to be the me i know from my heart

a sexy creative strong powerful
word and bit and color and pixel conjuror
a leader and a mystic

Interests (124):

acrylics, allspice, almanacs, altered books, artisanal cheeses, assam, atc, aurora, awk, bay area real estate, ben owen iii, blank verse, broa, calendars, calligraphy, cardamon spice, cartography, chaos theory, cheese and crackers, climatology, cokin filters, cycling, dada, darwin, debian, digital libraries, dynamic cartography, e-texts, emacs, esri, etymologies, feminism and physics, fink, flash fiction, free verse, gawk, geography, geology, geophysics, geosopy, ginger, ginger spice, gis, global warming, gouache, gps, grass gis, gutenberg project, highly sensitive people, idrisi, information theory, intellectual property, internet archives, jugtown pottery, kadinsky, keemun, kenneth rexroth, klee, kol, lammas, landsat, lapsang souchong, lavender, lawrence lessig, levenger, livejournal client, management, maps, marc, maxxum, memes, meyer lemons, minolta, miro, movable type, neocartography, neogeography, norse mythology, north carolina clay, nuclear physics, oceanography, oed, openurl, orography, os x, oysters, parsley, pepper spice, phenology, procmail, prose poems, prose poetry, quakers, rabbit chasing, remote imaging, rosemary, rss, runes, sage, satellite imagery, scented geraniums, seagrove pottery, shyness, skywatching, slr cameras, spice, spices, steamed milk, sugar and spice, systems, tarot, ted hughes, the command line, thom gunn, thyme, upton tea, vikings, w. edwards deming, walking, water birds, web services, witchy brews, women and physics, z39.50
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