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I'm not good at summarizing things....

My fandoms are: Merlin, LotR, Avatar, Harry Potter, Narnia, possibly Kings, Legend of the Seeker, and Jane Austen. <333

Merlin!crack makes me happy. I like writing, fandom, amazing LJ people, and reading. Recently non-fiction that's interesting, like 'Salt: A World History' or 'Seahenge'.

I write some fanfiction, mostly Narnia because LOOK AT ITTTT. I love comment!fic, it makes my day.

I like anything to do with fantasy, especially the sword-fighting part YAAAY. Also music, and pianos, and such things. I like sports, but at the same time have an urgent need to be on a computer at least once a day. *hugs fandom and f-list*

If there is one thing on the internet that I cannot stand, it is drama. It makes me upset and tired because I almost always end up trying to fix it and getting a headache. NO DRAMA GUYS, IT MAKES BETSY SAD. :(

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