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Marcella Evaristi - "My sense of being a woman; my writing; my feminism - they are all so bound up together. I think it's a pity when women writers disavow their feminism, as if it suggested they were members of some restrictive partisan cadre. I'm a feminist writer. I'm also a writer whose sympathies are socialist. I've never understood why being personally apolitical suggested a sort of literary purity. I think it would be very odd if I weren't a feminist; I don't know many black people who are take-it-or-leave-it on apartheid."

Gloria Steinem - "In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist."

Gloria Anzaldua - "I'm not invincible, I tell you. My skin's as fragile as a baby's I'm brittle bones and human, I tell you. I'm a broken arm / You're a razor's edge, you tell me. Shock them shitless. Be the holocaust. Be the Black Kali. Spit in their eye and never cry. Oh broken not a rock but a razor's edge and burn with falling."

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a-team, abby sciuto, aeryn sun, amanda devereaux, anne mcaffrey, anti-censorship, art history, artemisia gentileschi, atheism, b'elanna torres, babylon 5, barbara gordon, battlestar galactica 1978, benton fraser, blakes 7, bookkeeping, boston legal, bruce wayne, carson beckett, cats, christine cagney, clark kent, criminal minds, dana scully, delenn, diana wynne jones, disability, discworld, doctor who, donald strachey mysteries, doujinshi, dragonball z, dragons, due south, duncan macleod, elizabeth weir, equal rights, eureka, ezri dax, fanfic, farscape, feminism, fifth doctor, firefly, forever knight, freedom of speech, gabrielle, galaxy quest, garfield, geordi laforge, ghostbusters, good omens, granny weatherwax, harry harrison, harry potter, highlander, hot geek-on-geek action, house md, human rights, humanism, jadzia dax, james t kirk, janet frasier, jean grey, jeeves & wooster, jenny sparks, john sheppard, justice league, kathryn janeway, leela, leia organa, libraries, life on mars, lois lane, m*a*s*h, man from uncle, martha jones, martha kent, mary beth lacey, men in black, mercedes lackey, methos, mythbusters, mythology, nanny ogg, ncis, ninth doctor, nyota uhura, ororo monroe, penelope garcia, piers anthony, qi, quantum leap, radek zelenka, ray kowalski, ray vecchio, red dwarf, rodney mckay, romana, rose tyler, roy orbison, rupert giles, sam carter, sapphire and steel, sarah jane smith, servalan, seven of nine, sherlock holmes, shirley bassey, skyscrapers of oz, slash, slashers, smallville, spiderman, spock, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, superman, superwoman, susan ivanova, tamora pierce, teal'c, teen titans, tenth doctor, terry pratchett, teyla emmagen, the authority, the avengers, the flash, the persuaders, the professionals, the sentinel, tom paris, torchwood, toshiko sato, valdemar, web accessibility, wesley wyndam-price, willow rosenberg, wonder woman, writing, x-men, xena, yaoi, ziva david, ♀♀, ♂♂
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