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american library association, amtrak, anarchism, appropriate technology, architecture, art, attacking globalization, austrian films, avett brothers, baking bread, books, boss of it all, bread and puppet theater, bright eyes, cheap art, chickens, chris pureka, coffee, cold weather, color, communes and collectives, contradictions, cows as pets, culture jamming, deconstructing free-market economics, deep ecology, devil makes three, diners, driving on empty roads, early mornings, ecology, editing on paper, eli clare, elliott smith, exile and pride, extended conversations over dinner, fall, farming, fog over the ct-river, folk-punk, free culture, freeform radio, french, futility, gary snyder, gender, girlyman, going to shows, grey days, growing food, hypocrisy, icarus project, ignoring modern technology (sometimes), individualism, information, insomnia, introverts, iris murdoch, jeffrey foucault, kate bornstein, kyriarchy, landscape art, last-child-in-the-woods, libraries, library school, long train trips, magic hat, manifestos, manual labor, media, milan kundera, miscommunications, music, naomi klein, northeast kingdom, northern new england, notes from underground, open-access, organic farming, paint, philadelphia, photography, politics, pomosexuals, portland oregon, punk, punk planet, quakers, queer, queer theory, queer young adult fiction, quiet, radical cartography, radical librarians, radical politics, reading, riding horses, riot folk, root cellars, rufus wainwright, rural areas, rural sociology, slants of light, sleeping, snow, social responsibilities round-table, socialism, soviet avant-garde films, special libraries, sustainable agriculture, technology, that's revolting!, the smiths, the transformation of "green", the weakerthans, timber framing, tofu hoagies, trying-to-turn-privilege-into-something-worthwhile, unpasteurized apple cider, vagueness, vermont, viynl records, waking up first, west philly, western massachusetts, wfmu, wine, winter, wooden shoe books, zines
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