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British, wife, student, red-head, & woman. I move around a lot. From Scotland to the U.S. of A. From Manchester to Surrey, I rarely stay in the same place long. London Town is next on the agenda. I'm currently learning Japanese, and studying for an English Literature degree through the Open University. Whee! I also work part-time as a Customer Service Adviser, which finances my love of vintage clothes, fashion, & shopping. I love kind hearts, people with a sense of humour, and being in-love with life. I love dancing all night, staying out late, and coffee and cigarettes.

I loathe prejudice of any kind, I despise intolerance, and ignorance is *never* bliss. I'm 32. I LOVE being 32. HELLO. Since when was 32 considered old to fangirl? What a load of BOLLOCKS. I LOVE my life, and part of my life is being 32! And it is BRILLIANT.

Ko-ko-ro(heart): I wear it on my sleeve. I always have, and always will.

Music: My soul. I cannot comprehend a world without music. Life would be inconceivable. I love punk rock and indie. I've been to more gigs than I've had hot dinners. I love watching bands I love play live. It's my passion, my love, and plays a massive role in my life, both personally and socially.

"If you've lost your faith in love and music the end won't be long," - The Good Old Days - The Libertines

Fandoms: Eclectic. From Harry Potter to Queer As Folk UK. From Dr. Who to Final Fantasy, they are ever growing and ever changing. I've been a fan of anime and manga, Japanese horror films, and Japanese dramas for years. I'm equally bonkers about all of them and while some may lose my interest from time to time, it is never for long and never ever permanent.

My current obsession lies with J-Pop, and J.E. (Johnny's Entertainment) - not a fandom one should take even remotely seriously, because *how* can one? If you're wondering what I'm going on about.....

It has more camp costumes, pretty boys, and ticker-tape than Manchester's Gay Pride weekend; more appallingly bad pop songs than the Eurovision Song Contest on *crack*, more hilarious dance routines than one would find in a boy-band special of Strictly Come Dancing, more scintillating scandals than Grazia & the News of the World combined, more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers' had, more hairstyle changes than Toni & Guy on on a Saturday day-shift, and spawns more numerous bizarre (and absolutely hilarious), television shows, each one tantamount in comparison to every dodgy and cheesy Saturday night variety show ever hosted by Bruce Forsyth over the years, imaginable.

OH. And Merlin. SUBTEXT WHAT SUBTEXT?! The show is LOVE. LOVE LOVE. I love it so much it borders on the ridiculous, and I mean RIDICULOUS.
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