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Birthdate:Jan 31
My name is Marissa-Rose, but in the literary world, I've started to go by Rose. I'm a eighteen year old, who is entranced by the world. It's a palce of wonder, I find, with something new all the time. Saddly, I'm forever bored at school and so I spend most of my home life looking for something to string together a new world for me to fall into.

I easily fall in love, but currently have only fallen for a single person and they're to oblivious to notice it. Well, I don't mind, I'm awkward around people and usually have a tough time trying to communicate my feelings. So, i fall in love with other things, that I can always count on to spin me new ideas or fandoms. I'm currently in love with Inception, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and everything in between. When I mean love, I mean absolutly addicted. I've discovered that I have a slight obsession for Arthur and Eames; zombies and having the living day lights scared out of me.

I aspire to be a book editor, which comes from my love of stories; as well as a published author. I have finished composing four original novella's; soon to be published, but my true love dwells in the worlds others have created.
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