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ext_65558: The one true path (Road)'s Journal

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Name:Male Order Pride
I'm just this guy, you know.

Interests (150):

1984, 42, america, american beauty, artificial intelligence, asia, asking questions, atheism, bad analogies, bbc world news, beethoven, being a smart ass, bjp, brave new world, calvin and hobbes, capitalism, catch-22, chaat, champions league, classical music, communism, conspiracy theories, cricket, current affairs, dc, delhi, deliberate misinterpretation, democracy, desis, dil chahta hai, discourse, dissent, douglas adams, dubai, dune, dystopias, eat poop you cat, entourage, etymology, eu, europe, european union, falafels, fc barcelona, fight club, fighter planes, fisking, flowers for algernon, football, foreign policy, formula 1, freedom of speech, gcc, geography, geopolitics, george orwell, glass and concrete, gulf, handwritten letters, hitchhiker's guide to galaxy, homsar, house, human rights, hummus, idealism, identity, inc, india, indian food, international affairs, international relations, internationalism, leftists, liberalism, long conversations, lord of the rings, making lists, mangoes, mass transit, megalopolises, memento, middle east, modern history, mostly harmless, mumbai, music, mutually assured destruction, new york, north korea, not shutting up, not thinking about consequences, nuclear weapons, oasis, oman, pacifism, photography, pictures, political science, politics, primera liga, programming, public space, quotes, ranking things, reading, reading the news, reeducation camps, religion, requiem for a dream, ronaldinho, sarcasm, science fiction, sharjah, shiny buildings, sinfest, skylines, soccer, social democracy, social engineering, socialization, south park, spain, staying up too late, straw men, sustainability, tabnet, taking pictures, tchaikovsky, teen girl squad, teleology, the cinema, the economist, the meaning of life, the usual suspects, the wire, thinking, train rides, trivia, uae, united arab emirates, unrequited love, urban planning, veganism, vegetarianism, washington dc, watermelons, weeds, wikipedia, world history, xkcd
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