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ext_581123: Because the Kagamines are awesome like that. (kagamine, len, rin)

Popping Little Stars

I don't know why the heck I titled it like that. "orz

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Birthdate:Jul 17
Location:Quezon, NCR, Philippines
Age: 15 (and still aging)
Blood type: I have no idea. XD
Birthplace: Earth.
Residence: Konohagakure.

Hobbies: SING~ ♫ , draw, write, watch anime/Vocaloid videos, read books/manga, stalk--- *brick'd* I MEAN re/search, DAYDREAM :D

Dreams (It ain't bad to dream, right? D:) :
- Be a known cosplayer.
- Be an "utaite" [ someone who covers songs (usually Vocaloid) and is recognized in NND (Nico Nico Douga) ] . AND I AM SERIOUS ABOUT THIS.

Idols/People I look up to:
A. Anime:
- Hyuga Hinata ♥ (Naruto)
- Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto... like duh XD)
- Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)
- Celty Sturluson (Durarara!!)
- Sawako Kuronuma (Kimi ni Todoke)

B. Singers:
- Hayley Williams
- Avril Lavigne
- Taylor Swift
- clear
- Wotamin

C. Cosplay:
- Taiki-san (She doesn't want to give out her real name XD)
- Maronne Cruz

Motto: "Everything is gonna be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end :) ."
Strong points: Uhh... I dun wanna sound pride-ish XD (even though I am *brick'd*)
Weak point: Comforting crying people and... EXTREMELY LAZY.
Something you can brag about yourself: Again, I dun wanna sound braggy XD .
What is the first thing you do when you get home?: Overdose my cat with love.
Number of hours you sleep: Depends. During school days: 6-2 hours. Vacations: 8-12. (LOL)
How often do you update your blog? Ehh... rarely as of now. "orz
What do you write in your blog? Experiences, realizations, random shizz XD .

Any fetishes? A lot XD
Any collection? Nah, none.
Are you an S (sadist) or an M (masochist)? A bit M.

Favorite expression: "WHAT." and "Annoying."
Favorite food: *doesn't favor one*
Disliked food: Most vegetables. Seafood minus a few fish and squid.
Favorite sports: Stilts :D (LOL.)
Favorite games: LEGEND OF MANA ♥ . And all Naruto games out there. 8D
Favorite male celebrity: Ehhh?
Favorite female celebrity: Eeeh?!
Favorite artist: Rin Kagamine :D . NO WAIT. KAGAMINE TWINS. (because Rin is incomplete without Len... and vice-versa. 8D)
Favorite manga: "Beast Master" by Motomi Kyousuke and "Narabuna Kiken!!" by Shiraishi Yuki
Favorite magazine: Otakuzine
Favorite place: My house XDD
Favorite animal: Cat 8D
Favorite color: Puuurple~~ :D
Your favorite type (of person): Nah, no favorite.
Your hated type (of person): LIARS.

What task makes you feel the happiest? Hmm... singing on my own will :3 . And daydreaming what I like to happen~ 8D
Where do you like to date? Strolling in a park is love~ :D
What will you do when you win the lottery? Donate the half to a charity (Wow. XD), save like 10% of what's left for MYSELF (LOLOLOL), and the rest is for my family's use XDD .
Who is your most respected person? God :D
What animal would you compare yourself to? Hmm... a cat. XD
When you do feel happiest? When I'm singing~ or daydreaming XD or when my friends are all there :D
What did you want to be when you were a kid? ... NO. D:
What model of phone do you have? Nokia I-dunno-what
What should always be in your bento? I don't care what food is in there but there has to be eating utensils ALWAYS.
What is the most expensive thing you've bought? A dress XD . *doesn't like spending*
What is your most important possession? My Vongola ring :3
What do you do first upon waking up? Stress over school.

Interests (149):

a little snow fairy sugar, academics, adventure, alice in wonderland, alternative rock, animax, anne of green gables, arts, avatar, avatar: the last airbender, avatar: the legend of aang, avril lavigne, ballad, beeeeige, being crazy, bible, bishounen, black eyed peas, blogspot, bokura ga ita, chatting, chinese cinderella, classical, comedy, cosplay, cosplaying, country, danny phantom, death note, drawing, durarara!!, eight below, elemental gelade, fairy tales, fall out boy, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, gakuen alice, gakupo kamui, galaxy angel, gintama, greek mythology, hakuouki hekketsuroku, hakuouki shinsengumi kitan, hakushaku to yōsei, halyosy, harry potter, hayley williams, hey! say! jump, island of the blue dolphins, itazura na kiss, japan, jigoku shoujo, kaito, kamichama karin, kettaro, kimi ni todoke, kung fu panda, kuroshitsuji, la corda d'oro primo passo, la corda d'oro secondo passo, len kagamine, listening to music, lolita fashion, luka megurine, manga, meiko, miku hatsune, miracle train, mulan, mulan ii, nanatsuiro drops, naruto, naruto shippuuden, nico nico douga, nico nico utattemita, nodame cantabile, novel, ouran high school host club, owl city, pandora hearts, paramore, percy jackson & the lightning thief, percy jackson and the olympians, phineas and ferb, playing, pokota, pop, pop punk, pop rock, prince of tennis, princess academy, pucca, punk rock, purikuma, ragnarok the animation, reading books, reading fanfics, reading manga, rin kagamine, romance, romeo x juliet, rythem, scott pilgrim vs. the world, shoujo, shrek, singing, sixth grade sleepover, skateboarding, sleeping, soul eater, spongebob squarepants, sugar sugar rune, supercell, surfing the internet, taylor swift, tekken, the battle of the labyrinth, the chronicles of narnia, the giver, the lady of fire and tears, the last olympian, the lightning thief, the little prince, the sea of monsters, the sorcerer's apprentice, the spongebob squarepants movie, the titan's curse, tourai, tsubasa: reservoir chronicle, tsundere, utattemita, valshe, vocaloid, watching anime, watching movies, when the dolls woke, winnie the pooh, wotamin, writing, yamai, けったろ, ぽこた, トゥライ, バルシェ, プリクマー, ベェェェェジ, ヲタみん
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