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ext_6362: Akari, the shaman from SDK ... more to her than you might imagine (Akari - autumn colors)

Don't Know Where I'm Going, but I'm on My Way

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I'm a civil servant, married, parent of a teen, SF&F fan from way back, inactive SCAdian, writer/editor, former software user support geek, and plain ol' HTML coder since 1995. I started reading manga about 2 years ago and the silly stuff has now taken over vast portions of my life (e.g., time, bookshelf space, etc.). I rarely watch TV and only like seeing movies along with other people. For comfort reading, I often dig out old children's books. Other miscellany: INFP, Leo w/ Libra rising, Earth Dog.

Interests (117):

585, alan garner, apples to apples, arthurian legend, bagthorpes, barry hughart, blade of the immortal, bleach, bpal, bus gamer, c j cherryh, c.j. cherryh, carrie newcomer, cecelia holland, children's literature, civilization, classic rock, cooking, cordwainer smith, cowboy bebop, diana wynne jones, dim sum, dorothy dunnett, edward eager, edward gorey, ellen kushner, fake, fanfic, fantasy, folk music, food, foodie, fruits basket, games, gaming, gerald durrell, gojyo/hakkai, gurps, hakkai/gojyo, hayao miyazaki, headology, heraldry, hiroaki samura, historical fiction, infp, j. r. r. tolkien, j.r.r. tolkien, james h. schmitz, james schmitz, joan aiken, kazuya minekura, kencyrath, kurosagi corpse delivery service, m.a. foster, manga, martha wells, martial arts, mary renault, monty python, mushishi, musicals, nancybuttons, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, noel streatfeild, noel streatfield, october project, oysterband, p.c. hodgell, patricia mckillip, peter dickinson, princess bride, project blue rose, qwan, r. a. macavoy, rabbits, raised by pigeons, robin mckinley, roleplaying games, rosemary sutcliff, rpgs, rumer godden, saiyuki, saiyuki gaiden, saiyuki reload, sally watson, samurai deeper kyo, sandman, sca, science fiction, sf conventions, society for creative anachronism, spindrift, stan rogers, steeleye span, susannah clarke, sushi, swordspoint, tanith lee, tarot, telophase, terry pratchett, the princess bride, the thirteen clocks, tom lehrer, ursula k. le guin, ursula leguin, used book stores, vagabond, watership down, wild adapter, word games, writing, xxxholic, youkai world reclamation, yuletide, zenna henderson
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