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Christine's Journal

Diary, Brain Dumps, Misc! (Read at your own risk)

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Name:Christine F.
Location:Mississauga, ON, Canada
Website:Christine F.

Interests (150):

70s music, 70s rock, age of persuasion, alan parsons project, alt.corel, amelia peabody, ancient egypt, andre norton, andrew lloyd webber, archaeology, arthur c. clarke, books, bookstores, bujold, camping, canada, cats, cave springs winery, cbc radio, celtic knots, celtic music, cfuw, chalion, chateau des charmes winery, chemistry, chocolate, classical music, computers, criminal minds, cross-stitch, csi, dark chocolate, dorothy l. sayers, dorothy sayers, e-sheets, egyptology, elizabeth peters, england, environmental chemistry, environmental regulations, environmental science, enya, eudora, fass, firefly, flying, folk music, foxpro, geology, get fuzzy, glen soderholm, gordon lightfoot, great big sea, grumman cheetah, grumman tiger, gulfstream tiger, hampshire, harry chapin, herbal tea, historical fiction, history, house, ifuw, isaac asimov, james alan gardner, james keelaghan, javascript, johnny depp, korval, leahy, liaden, liaden series, liaden universe, lightning, lois mcmaster bujold, london, long hair, lord peter, lord peter wimsey, loreena mckennitt, madeline l'engle, marion zimmer bradley, math, mathematics, medieval history, merlinone, miles vorkosigan, mississauga, music, mystery novels, new orleans, newspapers, niagara falls, niagara-on-the-lake, numb3rs, organic chemistry, palm, palm pilot, palm pilots, pdas, phil collins, photochemistry, pilot, plantagenet, queen, randy's vinyl tap, reading, reif winery, robert forward, robert sawyer, rooibos, sapphires, sayers, sci fi, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science-fiction, scifi, scotch, sf, sf books, sharon lee, simon and garfunkel, single malts, single-malt scotch, space exploration, space opera, spider robinson, sql, stan rogers, star creche, steve miller, streetsville, strewn winery, tea, teresa wentzler, toronto, travel, travelling, used bookstores, vanilla, vorkosigan, wimsey, wine, wordperfect, wordperfect universe, wpu, yorkshire, zenna henderson
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