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Tkeyla Sunset

Because the Dogs Said I Could

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Name:Tkeyla Sunset
Birthdate:May 31
Location:United States of America
Website:Tkeyla's Website
Hello world,

I'm T'key'la. I write fanfiction for Star Trek TOS and XI. I also write Hawaii 5-0 (2010) fanfiction.

Most of my stories are on my website, LiveJournal, and/or

I am a huge fan of Star Trek - specifically The Original Series and the 2009 Reboot. I also really like The Next Generation but don't write fanfiction for it.

Star Wars also makes my fangirl-heart race but I don't write stories for it. I have seen the first three (as in the first three released) more times than can be considered healthy but I'm okay with it.

In the summer of 2011, I discovered the hotness that is reboot version of Hawaii 5-0. I won't pretend the show is perfect. It can verge on preposterous fairly often. But it has plenty of redeeming virtues - Steve McGarrett, Steve McGarrett shirtless, Danny Williams, Danny Williams yelling at Steve McGarrett. Yep - definite virtues.

I would love to be virtual friends with anyone who shares my interests, passions, ideals such as they are. If you send me a friend request, you can be sure I'll respond!

I guess the other thing that anyone needs to know about me is that I have 6 dogs who are the loves of my life.
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