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ext_5300: tree in the stars (tree in the stars)'s Journal

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Name:ext_5300 (lol)
Location:United States of America
Website:Temporal Vertigo
This is just a temporary account until I can sign up for a real one. Open IDs can read and post comments, add friends, and add up to six icons, but they cannot post entries. Dreamwidth looks promising so far. For the time being, see my LJ for more info.

Edit - I now have a Dreamwidth account at

Interests (150):

a wrinkle in time, aelves, ancestors, ancient civilizations, ancient wood, antigravity, arsenal of miracles, astronomy, bee dancing, bees, black holes, cats, chronobiology, clear azure coves, cob, composting, cosmology, costumes, crags against the sky, dancing with a star, deep ecology, deirdre of the sorrows, dollfie, dolls, drawing, dreams, dreamwidth, dua tritt and odeen, eccentrics, echo x, ectogenesis, edible landscaping, editing, elves, enki, event horizons, extraterrestrials, farmers markets, feral weeds, fermentation, forest gardens, forest heart, forests, fractals, gateways, geeks, ghosts, glinting on the ground, grail, great goddess ossana, helath, immortality, incredible string band, indie, infinity, invader zim, irin, karres, klatha, kything, lightstrand weaving, lirrai, listari, little wing, long hair, madeleine l'engle, magic, martial arts, memory, menace from earth, metaphysics, metarhizium anisopliae, million year hunt, mimsy were the borogroves, mitochondria, mountains, mrs which, music, mycomedicinals, mycoremediation, mycorrhizal symbiosis, nanotechnology, nebulae, nenya, nin, non-euclidean geometry, nonlinear time, norstrilia, north of space, nyc ballet workout, old trees, open source, origins, path of pollen, peganna of the lyanir, permaculture, photography, physics, reality shift, redwoods, reiki, rocks with faces, rosetta stone, sandoz and lys, sci-fi, secret corridors, secret gardens, sheewash drive, simurgh, sithreal, solar energy, song of the pearl, south of forever, spacetime dancing, star trees, starsong, sunbeams on a leaf, supernovae, swimming in the ocean, tattered shrouds of fog, techno, tesseracts, tessering, the breathing land, the dynasty, the hubble, the old ones, the sidhe, the singing groves, the starlit ones, the tapestry, theobromine, time, time travel, tiny ocean exoskeletons, treesongs, trifid nebula, twin earth, ufos, walking on the sun, water laughing, waterfalls, waystrands, well of molween, wigs, witches of karres, wizards, world domination, wyrd, zero point
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