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ext_51524: (Zabby)'s Journal

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.hack, 16 volt, ab-normal beauty, abby sciuto, akira yamaoka, alessa gillespie, android lust, angel of darkness, angelina jolie, anime, arahan, argilla/jinana, asian horror, battle royale, beyond good and evil, bitten, blue dragon, boyd/stella, brand new, broken sword, cats, chocolate, clayton danvers, code noir, collars, complaining, creative writing, crimson butterfly, cybil bennet, cybil/rose, d/s, demento, digital devil saga, dime store magic, dominic kelly, dvd extras, elena michaels, emily perkins, eric loren, fahrenheit, fanfiction, farscape, fatal frame, felicite du jeu, femslash, final fantasy, forensic science, fruits basket, gabby, ghost hunter, ghost world, gibbs, gibbs/abby, gibbs/abby/mcgee, gibbs/abby/tony, gibbs/abby/ziva, gigs, ginger snaps, girl interrupted, giva, goth, graveyards, gravitation, hackers, haunting ground, horror, jack off jill, jade empire, ju-on, karin slaughter, katherine isabelle, kelley armstrong, kittens, koma, kris lemche, kteb, kurtis trent, lacuna coil, lament of the lamb, lara croft, linkin park, lisa garland, lo-ball, lost, lost odyssey, love hina, manga, maria-sama ga miteru, marianne de pierres, mary elizabeth mcglynn, mcabby, mcgibbs, mcgiva, mcnozzo, mirror's edge, movies, music, my little eye, ncis, nfa, nico collard, nightwish, nirvana, novels, nylon angel, oddworld, paine, paine/rikku, parrish plessis, pauley perrette, perv, playstation, post mortem, primal, procrastinating, project zero, radiohead, ranting, reading, ring, rock, rule of rose, sarcasm, secretary, serial experiments: lain, silent hill, sleeping, soundtracks, star ocean, still life, stolen, submission, sugarcoma, tabby, tamora pierce, tekken, the bone collector, the distillers, the hole, the l word, the tormented, tiva, tomb raider, trevor eve, tsukiko amano, two pints, veronica mars, waking the dead, writing, xbox
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