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ext_51145: (National Pep)'s Journal

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I write at and sometimes at . I can be found on or twitter as stealthmunchkin

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a big finish a week, a doctor a day, alan moore, albums you should own, all-star superman, bastard crypto-tory new labour scum, bastard usurious banks who can't be trusted as far, bastards, batman, batman rip, beach boys, brian wilson, colin baker, comics, daleks, darkseid, dave sim, davros, dc comics, doctor who, feminism, final crisis, gnu/linux, grant morrison, jack kirby, liberal democrats, liberalism, linkblogging, mental health, metafiction, music, peter davison, physics, politics, quantum physics, religion, science, seventh doctor, sixth doctor, smile, superman, sylvester mccoy, the beach boys, van dyke parks, watchmen
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