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Birthdate:Jun 8, 1984
Location:Waldemar Daninsky's Castle, Tennessee, United States of America
Let me share something with you, a secret, We believe what we want to believe....the rest is all smoke and mirrors. - Arnaud de Fohn

blah blah blah, I'm, Vila.

Interests; everything.
Favorites; nothing.

I'm a 25 year old obsessive folklorist and self taught historian. I love a good horror movie, in fact they are practically all I watch. My home on the computer is Vvardenfel and my home on the internet in I've got a sense of humor darker than a diamond shoved up a goats bum and I am highly creative. Being Chaotic Neutral is merely my excuse.I am an Existentialist and I have no 'official' political party. Peta is retarded and

Remember, I hate you all.

Interests (127):

1980s, 80's horror cheese, adam resurrected, alaric de marnac, alice cooper, angry mobs, anthropology, anti-twilight, archaeology, archeology, architecture, bad horror movies, bakersfield sucks, billy wirth, bloodmoon, brundlefly, c.h.u.d, catholicism, chains, chud, cosmos, count smokula, cryptozoology, cthulhu, dad meiks, dark shadows, dave foley, dimitri coats, divorce lawyers, doc ock, einstein, england, euro babes, exploring, folklore, frailty, g tom mac, gaston leroux, gothic fiction, harry houdini, henry rollins, history, hlp, hometown tales, horror films, horror movies, houdini, howard phillips lovecraft, hunters, hunting, iggy pop, jacinto molina, jacinto molina Álvarez, japan, jessica paré, killer klowns outer space, kolchak the nightstalker, leroux erik, let right one in, literature, lovecraft, lycanthropy, mad scientists, magic, malcolm mcdowell, morrowind, mythology, naschymania, near dark, neuro science, night flier, nordic sagas, norse culture, norse men, otto octavius, paganism, paul naschy, penny blood, penny bloods, penny dreadful, penny dreadfuls, phantom of the opera, phil the alien, physics, psychology, religion, remote castles, rob stefaniuk, rock music, roland deschian, role playing, role playing public radio, science, severen, shamanism, skepticism, space, space weather, spain, steven king, suck, suck the movie, superstition, the dark tower, the lost boys, the spanish inquisition, tom mcrae, travel, twilight zone, universe, vampire, vampire hunting, vampires, varney the vampire, victorian era, viking, vikings, waldemar daninsky, war, warfare, werewolf, werewolves, witch craft, wolf man, world of warcraft, wow, writing
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