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ext_44587: Sam from "It's A Terrible Life" (SPN: Sam: So Very Pretty)'s Journal

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I'm just a silly fangirl. :)

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Interests (150):

angel, anti-bickering, anti-c/a, anti-disrespect, anti-draco/hermione, anti-good ship, anti-h/g, anti-harry/ginny, anti-heron, anti-lexana, anti-obhwf, anti-r/hr, anti-ron/hermione, anti-spuffy, anti-wincest, audrey hepburn, ava/sam, batman, batman begins, being delusional, being thin, bella/jacob, bill o'reilly, bobby singer, bruce wayne, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, buffy/dean, buffy/harry, buffy/sam, caffeine, catholicism, chloe sullivan, chocolate, christian bale, clana, clark kent, clark/chloe, clark/lana, conservatives, dan/emma, daniel radcliffe, dean winchester, dean/lorelai, dean/rory, delusional fans, draco/ginny, ender wiggin, ender's game, ender/jane, epilogue? what epilogue?, fanon over canon, firefly, gilmore girls, ginny/neville, godric's hollow, gotham city, h/hr, h/hr fanfic, h/hr ship, h/hr smut, h/l+h/hr=otp, hamsters, harmony, harry and hermione, harry potter, harry/buffy, harry/hermione, harry/luna, hating edward cullen, hermione granger, hermione granger-potter, hermione potter, hermione/harry, hermione/harry/luna, hg/hp, hhr, hhr shipper, hms harmony, hms pumpkin pie, hogsmeade, hogwarts, honeydukes, horcruxes, hot fuzz, hp/hg, ignoring canon, jacob black, jacob/bella, james/lily, jared padalecki, jean grey, jensen ackles, joan of arcadia, joss whedon, kristin kreuk, lana lang, lily/james, london, lorelai/christopher, luna lovegood, magic, mal reynolds, mal/inara, metallicar, metropolis, mike bloomberg, mood themes, music, nathan fillion, neville/ginny, new york city, new york mets, nick frost, oliver wood,, pre-hbp harry potter, pre-hbp hermione granger, pumpkin pie, reaper, remus lupin, republicans, ron/luna, rory/dean, ruby/sam, rudy giuliani, sam winchester, sam/ava, sam/buffy, sam/lorelai, sam/ruby, sarah michelle gellar, sarcasm, sean biggerstaff, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, smallville, soundtracks, spike/dawn, spike/drusilla, starbucks, stardust, stars hollow, superman, supernatural, sushi, the dark knight, tristan/yvaine, tru calling, twilight
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