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Location:Melbourne, Vic, Australia
For me, LJ (or this thing) is an aggregator. Somewhere to glance at what friends are up to. My friends-only posts are mostly to avoid search engines reading them. I've met everyone in my friends' list. I don't post much, because there are special-interest sites (eg FlyerTalk) for most discussions on specific topics that most of you don't care about. I'm interested in friends and many of the issues they're interested in, but seldom interested in what "memes" (aka "especially dumb quizes") are going around, or what recipes you've seen. If I wanted those, I'd have clicked "search", not LJ. If friends write succinct, personal, interesting and/or current content, I probably read it. If not, they usually slide off into not-in-my-default-view land, as does anyone who pollutes LJ with a twitter feed.
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