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ext_3674: pete wisdom says, "Gotta love those happy endings." (wisdom; happy endings)'s Journal

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Name:the four-stanza mile
Birthdate:Jul 5
Temp account, since apparently two days was too long to wait.

The name's Iambic, and I am deeply impressed to see the 'other' option in the gender selector. I'm also a full-time fan and writer and student, and part-time unemployed. I write a lot of fanfic that does its best to stay gen, whether or not I want it to. I haven't seen that movie.

Interests (21):

alex wong, cross-hatching, daredevil, doing too much at once, earl grey tea, excalibur, in soviet russia, in soviet volstov, india ink, marvel comics, matt fraction, my interests are bizarre, patrick wolf, pete wisdom, scriptwriting, the angels have the tardis, the paper raincoat, there's something about mary margrave, vienna teng, writing for fandom, writing for not fandom
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