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Location:United States of America
Well, I'm GeminiStep. I've been floating around the internet for a while and finally wandered here. Mostly this will be for commenting on other DW pages. My blog is the livejournal url of the same name and I post my fanfiction over at insanejournal and AO3 (also GeminiStep).

I'm currently a veterinary assistant and I have 1 permanent cat, three permanent dogs, 1 foster cat, and one foster dog. My life is kinda crazy right now, although I do try to update livejournal on occasion.

My sense of humor is kinda morbid, which I got from my dad. I am also the permanent designated driver for my friends because I don't drink. (It's because I don't like how alcohol tasts at all and I don't see a point in wasting money on something I don't like.) I like alternative and rock music, but will listen to most anything, except hardcore rap.

I have a large book and movie collection. I use one of my livejournal posts to keep my movie list semi-updated and so my friends know what I have available to loan to them.

Hmmm...I guess that's it for now.
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