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ext_36698: Red-haired woman with flare, fantasy-art style, labeled "Ayelle" (flare)'s Journal

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Voracious reader, freelance writer, book reviewer, migraineur, journaler, and kidlitophile, pursuing my PhD in literature at a Boston university.

Interests (146):

academia, acting, alice in wonderland, angela carter, animation, audiobooks, austin, autumn, back to the future, baking, ballads, baz luhrmann, being a student forever, bibliomania, bif naked, boston, buffy and angel, camping, candlelight, cats, celtic music, children's literature, coffee, compassion, corgis, cornell university, corsets, crafts, dangers of reading absorption, davis square, diana wynne jones, directing, documentaries, donnie darko, edward gorey, empathy, etymology, fairy tales, family, fantasy, feminism, finger lakes wines, firefly, folk and fairy tales, frances hodgson burnett, gabriel garcia marquez, geeks, get fuzzy, girlyman, gothic fiction, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, high/low culture divide, his dark materials, house of leaves, i capture the castle, illustration, indigo girls, introspection, ithaca is gorges, jane eyre, jim henson, k's choice, knitting, libraries, limericks, literature, little red riding hood, lloyd alexander, lois mcmaster bujold, lolita, mabinogion, macs, magical realism, metafiction, middle earth, migraines, mockumentaries, museums, musicals, mutant enemy, mythology, mythopoeia, narnia, neil gaiman, nineteenth-century literature, origami, paint your own pottery, passion, patrice kindl, poe, poetry, post-literate oral culture, pride and prejudice, progressive politics, prydain, radio drama, raspberry picking, rasputina, ravelry, red dwarf, redheaded preraphaelites, rene magritte, retellings, reviewing, risley, science fiction, sequential art, shakespeare, somerville, steampunk, storytelling, subversion, surrealism, sylvia plath, t.s. eliot, tam lin, tea, teaching, terry pratchett, the book thief, the dark is rising, the princess bride, theatre, throwing theme parties, thunderstorms, tigger, tim burton, tim powers, tom lehrer, tom stoppard, tori amos, trigun, trina schart hyman, true love, unitarian universalism, victoriana, vineyards, watership down, web design, wine tasting, winged things, writing, young adult fiction, zombie shakespeare, zork
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