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Name:Captain Oblivious
Birthdate:Aug 10
Website:Funky Headgear
"Negative square root of two!"

By your powers combined, I am... Captain Oblivious!

Currently at home on LJ until a significant portion of my flist shows signs of Dreamwidthity.

Interests (141):

abattoir tea parties, absurdism, acting, alas! i are slain, all your base, amanda fucking palmer, amorphous blobs, amorphous blogs, amusing topiary, androgynous boys, androgynous girls, anything that purrs, armadillo!, awesome goggles, azdak, bad-tony-hits-necromancer-with-spatula, bag full of ocelots, batman, being warm, black humour, black wristbands, bondage allegories, boostle, brand new, bukkit chains, bunnies, cats, cheekbones, chokers, classical music, clever bastards, cobra starship, cool belts, cool scarves, crack!fic, delightful berets, discworld, drag, drawing, eloquent political essays, enter shikari, erksome, exclusive nontheism, explodescow, exploding trousers, fingerless gloves, free things, fuckyou i'm an armadillo, funky hats, general chaos, gerbil tap-dancing, globes, gloves, good omens, guitar, hats, heroes, hornblower, hugs, human rights, j2, kelly link, ladybugs, legions of the undead, living upside down, magical realism, mammalian life forms, mango sake, matchbook romance, memetics, motherfucking snakes, muse, my chemical romance, neil gaiman, oblong bits of paper, old british navy uniforms, panic at the disco, placebo, poetry, post-apocalyptic survival scenarios, pretty androgynous people, procrastinating, psychology, punctuation, punk rock, punktuation, radiohead, rain, reading, really creepy poetry, really long-winded interests, reason, regina spektor, revolutions, rock-climbing in corsets, role playing games, russell's teapot, sandman, satire, science fiction, screwdrivers, sherlock's daughter, singing, slash, small fuzzy things, small leaks sink ships, snakes, space cowboys, stories, sugar, superdickery, supernatural, taunting emus, tea, the dresden dolls, the dustbunnies are revolting!, the lulz, the matches, the mountain goats, the perks of socialism, the stainless steel rat, the used, the-merchandise-will-be-silent!, theatre, thigmoo, thomas disch, tiny tiny matchboxes, tiny whiskey bottles, to hell with ettiquette, toppling dictatorships, transmetropolitan, unique interests, untidy, vehement discussion, vexation on vacation, viscous sarcasm, whipped cream, woe is me, writing, your mom, zombie contingency plans
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