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ext_35268: (Serious)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Oct 11, 1978
Location:Michigan, United States of America

Interests (150):

alice in wonderland, antiques, art deco, autumn, bad jokes, bad movies, bats, being contradictory, being liked for myself, being myself, being right alarmingly often, being underestimated, blasphemy, bondage, bookstores, broadening my horizons, bubble baths, caffeine, card games, cats, classic fiction, coffee, comedy, corsets, curves, cute boys, cute girls, cute shoes and boots, dark humor, daydreaming, debating, decorative wire trees, edgar allan poe, editing, edwardiana, elaborate silliness, encouraging obfuscation, eschewing obfuscation, ethical discussion, ethics, etymology, family guy, fantasy novels, flirting shamelessly, gargoyles, geeks, general fiction, general weirdness, glbt, good quality chocolate, grammar, graphology, halloween, hardwood forests, heresy, historical fiction, honesty, humor, ideas, individuality, innuendo, intelligence, internet, kindness, kingdom of loathing, kissing, kitsch, kol, kol meets, laughing at stupid people, learning, lewis carroll, lip gloss, listening, mark twain, mel brooks, monty python, most kinds of music, nail polish, nerds, not taking myself seriously, occasional misanthropy, ocd, old books, old cemeteries, old houses, old trees, open-mindedness, ouija, outspoken people, overanalyzing things, paying compliments, photography, playing devil's advocate, polyamory, procrastinating, proofreading, psychology, puns, reading, remembering useless information, rennaissance faires, retro, satire, scented candles, science fiction, self-acceptance, self-expression, sex, sexy underwear, skulls, sleeping naked, smart people, smut, sociology, some nonfiction, spelling my interests correctly, spider webs, spiders, spirituality, staying up too late, steampunk, straightforwardness, striped things, suspense novels, taking candy from strangers/babies, talking, tarot, tattoos, tea, that "sexy librarian" look, the british isles, the phantom tollbooth, theology, things that smell nice, thinking, trying new things, unusual hosiery, using apostrophes correctly, using correct punctuation, using quotation marks correctly, verbing nouns, vibrating bullets, victorian houses, victoriana, vintage, wishing for teleportation, writing coherently, writing sporadically, wrought iron
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