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Hit robots, make fall down

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Birthdate:Apr 27
[As they follow arrows to the proper gallery, Clark keeps stopping to admire things - a Dutch sleigh, a tallyho coach, the figurehead from an old clipper ship. He is powerfully affected by it all but couldn't say why.

Following Willi down a long hall he notices a pair of open doors leading into a raked auditorium. Just inside the entrance a sign is still posted for a two o'clock lecture long since over: "From There to Here, From There to Home: The Immigrant Experience."

"Would you get a move on?"

"I'm coming," says Clark.

From there to here, from there to home.

His red cape sailing out in back of him, he puts on a little speed - just a little - and ends up beating Willi to the exhibition gallery.

"Think you're funny? Well, you're not."

Clark slings an arm around Willi's shoulder and together they go inside and look at pictures of the city. Willi's city. And maybe, Clark thinks, his city too.

The name of the exhibition is Metropolis.]

Tom De Haven, It's Superman!

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