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Who I Am ♦

Hi. My name's Kerri. :) I'm twenty-seven, an aspiring writer who's also planning on getting her Masters in Library Science, and in my spare time, a passionate liberal and fangirl. I love fantasy books and basic writing of all kinds, along with riding, reading, movies and all the usual sort of things.

My LJ ♣
This LJ is partly friends-locked, partly public. I've had this journal for almost seven years, now, and I'm attached to it. I don't regard it as strictly for fandom or strictly for real life - instead it's a representation of who I am. There may be days when I post multiple times, there may be stretches when I don't post at all, it depends.

Friending ♥
I'm pretty easy-going about friending back. :) If you do friend me randomly, feel free to drop a line, otherwise I might get distracted and forget to check you out so that I can friend in return.

If you find that I've friended you randomly, I hope that you don't mind - I've just found you interesting, and you're under no obligation to friend me back, of course!

Fandoms ♠
Current Fandoms include:

Harry Potter
Doctor Who
Battlestar Galactica
Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy
Stargate: Atlantis

Fandoms in the past have included Buffy, The West Wing, Angel, Veronica Mars, Firefly and Xena.

Interests (150):

, acceptance, aidan/tonks, alcohol, alex karev, alias, ancient egypt, angela shelton, art, battlestar galactica, beach, being contradictory, big love, bisexuality, blue, books, boondock saints, buffy the vampire slayer, canadian theatre, cats, charlie/hermione, chatting, children, chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, clothes, corrupting innocent minds, dancing, dark angel, devin, doctor who, doctor/rose, dollhouse, draco malfoy, dragonlance, dreams, drinking, eltie, falling in love, fandom, fanfiction, fangirling, fantasy, fiction alley, firefly, flute, friends, friendship, fruit, george/ginny, george/mari, gravity's centre, grey's anatomy, happiness, harry potter, harry♥draco, heath ledger, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, heroes, history, horses, hot chocolate, hp fanfiction, hugs, human rights, i kiss girls, i wish for peace, ice cream, ickle, icons, intgll, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jewelry, jokes, katie, kerri, kings, kissing, labyrinth, laughing, lazy procrastinating bastards unite!, legends, leonardo dicaprio, licking, life, linkin park, lotr, love, magic, marshmallows, me, movies, music, mystical creatures, mythology, nature, noteducks, nuzzling, open-mindedness, partying, photography, piano, pictures, piercings, pillows, plot bunnies, poetry, pronography, puzzles, reading, role playing, romance, science fiction, sex, sexuality, shannara, shiny things, shopping, slash, sleep, smut, snitch!, snogging, squeeing, starbuck, stargazing, stars, steve irwin, stories, supernatural, sweet sexy spn boys, t00bing, talking, terry brooks, the dark is rising, the doctor/rose, the wild swans, theo/ginny, titanic, travelling, understanding, valentines, veronica mars, wibbling, willow/oz, writing, yahoo!messenger, zodiac,
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