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ext_3152: Cartoon face of badgerbag with her tongue sticking out and little lines of excitedness radiating. (badgerbag, cartoon)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Jun 8
Location:Redwood City, California, United States of America

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accessibility, against method, angela brazil, anne of green gables, antonia forest, bdsm, beat poets, being wrong, bilingual poetry, bisexual, blogging, board games, boarding school stories, book reviews, books, brainstorming, catachrestic moments, chalet school, christine delphy, cohousing, collaboration, collaborative writing, comic books, community, complexity, composite translation, dale spender, digression, diku muds, disability, dorkiness, dream of red mansions, ethical sluts, ethics, feminism, feminist scholarship, feminist science fiction, frances hodgeson burnett, freedom of information, gaming, geek culture, geeks, gender, genderqueer, geocaching, goofiness, half-baked ideas, history, history of science, horse stories, human rights, icelandic sagas, interactive fiction, inventions, joanna russ, juana de ibarbourou, know-it-all, latin american poetry, lawrie marlow, literary analysis, literary theory, literary translation, little women, llanera, louisa may alcott, lucy maude montgomery, mahabharata, marcus aurelius, midnight feasts, milf, monique wittig, mudding, multilingual poetry, narrative, neobaroque, neobarroso, neologisms, nerdiness, nestor perlongher, nicola marlow, nydia lamarque, pancatantra, pansexual, parlor larps, php, playfulness, poetry, poetry readings, politics, pollyanna, polyamory, potlatch, privacy, pta, python, rambling, random knowledge, ratatosk, reading, regional spanish, research, ridiculousness, riot grrl, riot nrrd, role-playing games, rpg, science fiction, scum, seneca, sexiness, ska, slut utopia, small press, snarry, spacing out, spanglish, stoic philosophy, stoicism, talking too much, tdd, the femme sharks, the internet, tiptree award, too much information, transgression, translation, trivia, trixie belden, utopia, valerie solanas, venezuelan music, what katy did, wiscon, women poets, word games, world literature, writing, xenophilia, xyzzy awards, zines
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