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Unconditional Love

Wherein forgiveness is inherent & compassion infinite

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Name:Ut Pictura Poesis
Birthdate:May 3, 1983
Location:Seoul, Korea, The Republic of
"She has an amazing ability to write about ordinary experiences like poetry."
-- Anonymous, SvMadelyn's Valentine's Day Game

<I> Lovely Lunar Light. Silence comes when the rain ceases. Quiet joy, laughing love. Triple threat: smart, beautiful and driven. A dear, loving, dependable, there for you kind of friend. Bubbly happy faerie dragon. Blissfully unaware, lovingly certain. An illusion so real reality pales before it. Compassionate, eloquent, and almost painfully self-aware. Lunar, Author, Love. Is adept at evoking that combination of admiration and pity which so often combine to induce fascination. Perfectionist, extremist, idealist. Read at your own risk - she's addictive! Given the gift of Word by the gods -- the power used to speak the world into existence. When the music's over, the rest is silence. Sensitive, poetic, searching. A great person with a giganormous heart. Very nice and sincere. Open heart, caring eyes, devious grin. Just the sweetest thing. Always searching.</I>
-- Voices of My Friends List

<font size="-5">I am ink stains and music notes; reader, writer, singer and muse. Loves the smell of old books; entertain that which aspires to a library. Cooks a soulful yuletide bread, a mean lobster and amazing ramen mix. I am worn pages and spinning atoms; philosopher, student, and rule breaker. I adore teachers, books, classes and homework. This is my bliss. Respect it. Challenge it. Please.

I am snowdrops in spring; horseback riding, cheerleader, girl scout turned comic manager and college salesman, seventeen year soprano turned writer and teacher. Champions those who would challenge fear to seek their hearts and dreams content, ever changing daily. Thinks smoking should be banned, parents taught how to raise children, and children left alone to dream.

I am silent wish, whispered prayer; dragon-protected, water-touched, moon-child, unconditional love: Amare. Four things truest- dragons, blue, three and love. I am dried leaves and exotic scents; eclectic herbologist and oilist, sometimes Diana dedicated, Pagan. Thinks god's a man, think god's a woman; think it's silly we're trying to assign trivial things like names and genders to the great creative force.

I am Taurus with Pisces rising and five houses in Sagittarius. I am spontaneous movement and grounded stability. I am the arrow that is going. My mind is always seeking, ten thousand things in ten thousand directions. My feet, filled wanderlust, traversing new places constantly. Dreams endless, each old invoking a new star to populate my sky.

I am hawthorn tree and staunch boar; stubborn, at times unyielding. Works self into the ground at regular intervals. Willing to give everything for others when needed and not needed. Place those around me above my self. I am INFP and one; sensitive dreamer, loyal and easily wounded. Sanity is continually dependant on my car, my computer and the bed of blue.

I am sleepless nights and lines of code; geek, gamer, web creator and fan girl. X-men spectator; fan by fanatic, all around comic enthusiast. Watcher of almost all sci-fi space shows; third generation Trekkie. Recent dedicant to Guild Wars, Xenogears and Milliways. I am oddity and intensity; have worked with second graders, old folks, handicapped, retail and comic fan boys.

I am husky fragrance and flowing form; female of the species, mostly free-spirit tomboy to slowly charming woman. Still prefers bare feet to sandals, sandals to heels, but thongs to under wear and bath bombs to soap bars. Have out grown tank tops and discovered scarves, elegant dresses and girl-cut boy's shirts. Secretly entranced with becoming a girl.

I am fire's ember and phoenix's flare; posses long fuse, explosive temper and hidden scars. Still learning how to cry. Starts more things than are finished. Lives in a constant state of inspiration, gratitude and hunger. I am a water creature; a palette of deep browns, pale pinks, and deep blues. Needs forests and oceans, needs cities and cars.

I am everwoods and crumpled papers; faithful, honest, nervous and judgmental extroverted introvert. I am understanding and hypocritical. Loving and hoping beyond reason. Forgive everything, forget nothing. Think too much about my body; yet content with my weight. Believe that all forms of falling in love and making mistakes should be embraced.

Interests (150):

alphonse mucha, amanda collins, amber, anime, art, arthurian legend, babylon5, bards, beauty, black roses, blue, bondage, books, brahms, buddhism, butterflies, camping, candles, caramel, casse, cherry blossoms, comics, computers, contemplating, corsets, crayons, creativity, culture, cynicism, daisies, dangerous beauty, dark chocolate, darkness, darwinism, daydreaming, divinity, dragons, dreams, driving, duality, elizabeth haydon, fire, food, freedom, freedom of speech, gaming, garage sales, girls, glasses, goddess worship, gypsies, halou, happiness, henry david thoreau, herbs, hiking, humans, humor, ice, illuminati, illusion, impulse, incense, intelligence, isaac asimov, j. michael straczynski, jaqueline carey, jean grey, jewel, joss whedon, journals, katchoo, kisses, kitty pryde, laughter, lightning, literature, lord alfred tennyson, love, meditation, mists of avalon, modernism, moon, morgaine la fe, movies, music, musicals, mysticism, mythology, nature, neil gaimen, night, novels, ocean, oils, opera, oriah mountain dreamer, paganism, past lives, peace, phantom of the opera, phenomonolgy, philosophy, phoenix, photography, poet as priest, poetry, pre-raphaelites, prose, rain, rainbows, ralph waldo emerson, reading, reincarnation, religion, rememory, road trips, roleplaying, romance, sci-fi, sexuality, shadowcat, shakespeare, silver, singing, snow, spirituality, stars, stories, storms, strangers in paradise, string theory, tarus, tattoos, tea, teaching, the common people, the other, the witching hour, thunder, transcendentalism, traveling, truth, unconditional love, vampires, whitman, wicca, witchcraft, writing, x-men
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