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I like to find subtext in everything because there is always more to discover. Enthusiastic reader and occasional writer of slashfic(*), voracious bookworm, intrepid underachiver, occasional movie snob, sci-fi geek fashionista.

(*)This journal contains adult-oriented material that is (more often than not) sexually explicit. It is NOT suitable for minors (however that is determined by your state/province/country). Also, remember that you don't have to read my fics if you get offended about homosexual pairings.

My LJ is mostly fic-based (currently C6D with dS and HCL at the top.) The RL postings are fannish with very, very few daily life musings/rants. I tend not to spill the tea about my life except for the occasional meme.

Feedback Policy

Comments are always welcomed. I dig finding out what someone liked or ::pouts:: didn't like about a story I've written.

As for other people's works, well, I do read a lot of fic. As a result, I tend to only post feedback for stories (including lengthy fic, flashfic and drabbles) that I've really liked.
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