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Who I am:
Name: Hazel Hawthorne
HP House: Ravenclaw
Occupation: Mad Scientist
Career Goal: Currently pursuing Doctorate in Human Sexuality so that I can corrupt, uh... I mean teach the youth of America. ETA I'm still pursuing that goal, but it is much faster than I am. I see a short cut up ahead that may lead me to the same place, so I'm waiting to start nursing school in August of '09.
Family: Me, Mr Hazel, my beautiful, crazy, bright, nutty, funny, zany, irreverant, mercurial daughter, her best friend, whom I lovingly refer to as my red-headed step-child and have all but adopted, occasionally his flyboy son, and a very large, sprawling, extended circle of found, chosen and inherited family. This family is growing again as after two years of trying and miscarriages, I am carrying a son who is due at the end of July '09
Pets: Four beagles, two cats, three rats, three ball pythons and a present count of 3 corn snakes.
Fandoms: LOTR, POTC, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, X-Men, SG-1, SGA, Doctor Who, Torchwood, pretty much anything I have stumbled across that has good writers.

What I'm doing here:
Mostly just lurking. In my years on LJ I have dabbled with writing in several fandoms but I tend to fail at anything consistent. Nowadays I just try to keep up with my friends' posts and read some fic and occasionally post about my life. Now that so many of my friends are migrating to dreamwidth, here I am.

Interests (140):

acting, age of sail, agent sands, ancient egypt, androgyny, aubrey/maturin, bathtub porn, bdsm, billeh, biting, blue blaze irregulars, books, boys wearing nail polish, breastfeeding, buckaroo banzai, buffy, captain jack sparrow, cemeteries, children's literature, chocolate, comic books, consensual sex, corsetry, david hewlett, developmental psychology, douglas adams, dragons, dvds, dykes, editing, elizabethan, erotica, ewan mcgregor, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, flagitious wig abuse, fleetwood mac, ford prefect, geek rock, gibbs, good conversation, good omens, hallowe'en, harry potter, highlander, hobbits, honesty, hornblower, horseback riding, horses, hothead paisan, hp, human sexuality, hunter s. thompson, indigo girls, intentional communities, introspection, jack davenport, jack sparrow, jack/will/elizabeth, james marsters, jodie foster, johnny depp, kink, kirk/spock, leather, leatherdykes, libraries, living history, lord of the rings, lotr, master and commander, medieval, monty python, movies, muppets, mythology, neil gaiman, omnisexuals, open-minded people, ouatim, paganism, pan galactic gargle blasters, pansexual, pastede on yay, patrick stewart, perversity, pippin, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, plot, poetry, polyamory, porn, potc, princess bride, queer, rareslash, reading, really fucking weird slash, recs, reincarnation, renaissance, sailing, sailors, sarcasm, science fiction, scotch, severus snape, sex, sex activism, sga, single malt whisky, slash, slash fanfic, slash fanfiction, slytherins, spike, star trek, star wars, starsky/hutch, sw:tpm, tall ships, terry pratchett, the mummy, the sea, they might be giants, tom lehrer, tudor, victorian, vintage erotica, wicca, wolverine, women's history, writing, x-files, x-men, zodiac
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