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Wife. Geek. Writer. Teacher. Student. I teach college English, write speculative fiction and critical essays, and study French. My awesome husband, our hundred-year-old Victorian house and very finicky, entitled cat keep me busy in my down time.

I'm a liberal, a Ms.-era feminist, and a pretentious pseudo-intellectual. That said, I'm also frequently naïve, open-minded to a fault, and a cock-eyed optimist. I dislike castigation but revel in thoughtful discourse. Arguments made herein must remain respectful and be backed-up by data (and that goes for me, too).

Though I am a strict grammarian, I also enjoy blogging like a thirteen-year-old sometimes. You may see lolspeak or bad punctuation. Everything I post should be considered the equivalent of a rough draft.

I write lots of original fiction, but I do still write and enjoy reading fanfic. I primarily write in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel and new-school Doctor Who universes, though I have also written Veronica Mars, Alias, Quantum Leap, and lots of weird crossover stuff. I've RP-ed in all the Whedonverses, Who, and even Felicity of all things, though I don't currently LJ RP.

In sum, "recovering" (i.e. I just feel too damn old) perky goth-turned-SFF geek. INFJ. Gemini on the cusp of Cancer. Catparent.

Interests (149):

abba, adam ant, alias, andy warhol, angel, anime, art alexakis, audrey hepburn, avril lavigne, barack obama, battlestar galactica, bauhaus, being human, billie piper, bitterwoman, blondie, bret easton ellis, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, charmed, childfree marriage, chris barrie, christian bale, christopher eccleston, coffee, david bowie, david lynch, david tennant, deborah harry, doctor who, edgar allan poe, english literature, erasure, ewan mcgregor, f. scott fitzgerald, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, farscape, fatboy slim, felicia day, felicity, feminism, feminism in fandom, fic, firefly, forever knight, france, francine pascal's fearless, harry potter, hellsing, henry james, here is greenwood, heroes, historic homes, i wish for peace, iconning, jack kerouac, jacques brel, james marsters, jekyll, jennifer garner, jim butcher, jj abrams, john hughes, joss whedon, journeyman, joyce carol oates, julian mcmahon, kevin smith, knitting, labyrinth, liberalism, literature, lost, manga, michael nesmith, mitchell/annie, moby, modest mouse, monkey crack, movies, my latex brain, my so-called life, neil gaiman, nicholas brendon, nine inch nails, nowhere man, parker posey, pet shop boys, peter murphy, phantom cocks, photoshop, pushing daisies, quantum leap, quebec, reaper, red dwarf, rem, rocky horror picture show, sarah michelle gellar, sarah polley, science fiction, serenity, siouxsie and the banshees, smallville, spike, steampunk, stephen king, supernatural, swing dancing, sylvia plath, ten/rose/ten, the breakfast club, the cure, the dark tower, the dresden files, the firm, the guild, the monkees, the nines, the rambaldi prophecies, the ramones, the sarah jane adventures, the sims, the x-files, torchwood, trainspotting, urban living, vampire the masquerade, vampires, velvet goldmine, veronica mars, victoriana, walter tevis, warhammer, warhammer dark heresy, william shakespeare, wine, witches, woody allen, working out, world of darkness, writing, writing fanfic, writing fic, yoga, young frankenstein, étudier français
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