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Birthdate:May 19, 1966
Location:Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America
Website:Wombats Anyone?
My primary blog will always be LiveJournal and/or FaceCrack[tm]. Check out the website link above to go to my LJ account. I likely won't be posting here, but will maintain the account for commenting and informational purposes.

I am old, fat, hairy and more than a little creepy.

If you are intelligent, literate, openminded and local to Lincoln, NE I would pretty much universally love to get to know you better.

All of my agendas will be on the table and fully visible at all times. I believe in honest and direct communications with as few filters as possible.

Sadly because of excessive douchebaggery I have chosen to make my journal almost exclusively "friends only".

Contrary to popular belief, I did not invent the internet.


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