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Name:wednesday burns-white
Website:the primary lj
Purple means Wednesday, says Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, who only speaks truthiness. That said, Wednesday does not smell so much like purple as sugared pomegranate/blood orange. Seriously. If you had a perfume about you, you'd mention this too.

My collection of little yellow plush anime sidekicks rivals that of a geek boutique circa 2002-3, right before that boutique shut down over the Pocky surplus.

I watch the things you probably watch, except for the parts where I don't watch those things at all, and I also watch Power Rangers. But not Operation: Overdrive, because that bit.

My susceptibility to hype aversion is legendary. It's honestly a wonder that I ever saw Serenity in the cinema.

If you ask me whether I saw Idol last week, this will confuse me. I have many idols. I also have Decepticons.

By all accounts, I am in a terrible mood all the time. This makes no sense to me, because I think the situation is hilarious. (No, that situation. This situation is actually pretty shite.)

No, I'm not from this country. I'm not even sure I'm from the country I was born in anymore. Too many places. Everybody has an accent, and I seem to have a minimum of three at the moment. It's really annoying.

For the record, I assure you that I have heard that joke, and also the other joke. I will probably just stare at you, then keep talking.

You want basics. Little poems. That's not workable. I'm not made up of capsules marked $PASSION, $CHOSEN_ARTS, $CHOSEN_CRAFTS, $BEVERAGE, $OPERATING_SYSTEM, $BROWSER_OF_CHOICE, $SEXUAL_ORIENTATION, $OCCUPATION or $MEDICAL_DISORDERS. This makes it very hard to write down "Hi! I am $EASILY_VISUALIZED_CONCEPT!" when the pithy introductions are requested. I might seem boring to you as a result.

You'd be right, but it's better than Tetris. Oh my god.
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